Low Back Pain

Almost everyone will experience some degree of low back pain at some point in their lives. The low back, which can also be referred to as the lumbar region is the area that starts below the ribcage. Fortunately, some back pain can and will subside on its own. Some situations, however, cannot get better on their own. According to WebMD, low back pain is one of the main reasons Americans skip work. Don’t wait for your low back pain to go away on its own, avoid missing work, and visit a physical therapist for help. Low back pain is no joke.

Low back pain causes individuals to have a very difficult time sitting, standing, and lying down. While lower back discomfort is more common as you age, young people can and do develop low back pain as well. To read more about low back pain click here.

Symptoms of Low Back Pain

  • Stiffness. It may be hard to move or straighten your back


  • Posture problems. Low back pains can make it hard to stand up straight


  • Muscle spasms or tightness. After a strain, muscles in the lower back can spasm or contract uncontrollably.





Lower back pain can result from a variety of strains or sprains, including those brought on by exercise, heavy lifting, prolonged sitting, or laying down. While applying heat or ice to your pain may temporarily reduce it, you should seek medical attention if it hasn’t improved or tends to get worse.

Physical therapy aims to

  • reduce back pain
  • increase function
  • teach patients how to prevent future back pain

Our physical therapist will give each patient a regime tailored specifically for their problems. Physical therapy can save money and time, and Texas does not require a referral for evaluation. With the help of our physical therapist, you can be the most successful in managing your lower back pain as well as avoiding any future back pain.

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