Soccer Injuries

Soccer Injuries

Common Soccer Injuries and How to Prevent Them with Physical Therapy

Soccer is one of the most popular sports played in the world. However, in high school, girls’ and boys’ soccer are the second and third more dangerous sports. And things may get even worse in college. According to a World Cup study, there is one injury every 3 games, on average.

Benefits of Playing Soccer:

  • Improved health
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Increase muscle and bone strength

But just like every other sport, injuries are very common.

The Most Common Soccer Injuries:

  • Sprains

The most common sprain happens to the ankle or knee. An injury when the ankle or knee rolls, twists, or turns in an awkward way. A sprain causes swelling, pain, and limited range of motion.

  • Strains

Hamstring strains. This injury will occur when you pull one of your hamstring muscles. It will typically cause sudden, sharp pain in the back of the thigh.

Groin strains. A groin strain injury happens when you tear or pull a muscle in the area on either side of the body where the belly joins the legs.

Quad Strains. A quad strain happens when you overstretch or pull the big muscle that runs down the front of your thigh.

  • Fractures

A fracture is a partial or complete break in the bone.

There may be a loss of function depending on the area of the fracture.

Surgery may be necessary to reset the bone.

  • Head Injury

Heading the ball or player-to-head collisions are very common in soccer.

The impact of heading can present a risk of head and brain injury.

Learn more about these injuries here.

Preventing Soccer Injuries with Physical Therapy

Our physical therapist can work with you before sustaining an injury to strengthen your leg muscles. They will get you ready for the movements preformed on the field. By visiting a physical therapist in advance, you will lower the risks of getting hurt and offer them the ability to monitor your recovery in the event of a concussion. Our experts are trained professionals who want to teach you the exercises needed to prevent future injuries.

Unfortunately, we cannot fully prevent sports-related injuries. In any sport, you should never push through pain and continue playing because doing so could make your injury worse or cause it to heal incorrectly.

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